My Plan to Flip a Few Votes to Blue

Yes We Can

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Most Trump voters will probably not change, but for sure, a lot of them are changing, and more will, if carefully brought out of their “bubble.” This article presents my talking points which I share for those who would like a simple and non-adversarial approach when discussing this grave matter with their family, friends and neighbors. Issues can be added and deleted to fit your own personality and comfort level.

I will start by asking them to please give me 10-15 minutes to hear why I believe that this election is so important for everyone. I will gladly offer to hear them out too. What I want to do during this talk is to plant seeds in their mind and not necessarily to get a commitment from them to vote for Democrats. Allow them to save face.

Most people will agree that it would be a good thing if the country were more peaceful, prosperous, and safe. If that can be agreed to, we can then move on.

1. Science: Science is not bad. It gave us cures for smallpox, polio and many others terrible ills. It has significantly increased our life expectancy. It gave us electricity, jet airplanes, cars, air conditioners, sewers, clean water, computers, cell phones, GPS, and even flew us to the moon. Every one of those wonders took the work of thousands of people, and then only after many failures and improvements, we are where we are today. And all those things will continue to be improved upon again and again. Science is never done. It always looks for other ways to improve and readily admits errors so that corrections can be made. It keeps learning because it is always investigating and experimenting. For some reason, some people mock and dismiss science, but when the experts talk about the dangers of climate change and not vaccinating your children, we should at least hear them out. Our children and grandchildren, not to mention millions of innocent wildlife, are the big losers when we vote in politicians whose main interest is taking contributions from the polluters by dismantling common sense regulations, such as arsenic in water.

2. Equitable tax system and fair wages: I am sure you will agree that people in the top 1% do not always work harder than those in the bottom 50%. In many cases, it is the complete opposite. Under Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy, the highest tax rate was 91%, and a lot of people still got rich. We got an interstate highway system and a bunch of medical cures in the deal. What Biden is talking about, is just to go back to 28% for corporations and personal earnings over $400,000 back to 37%. If everyone were able to earn a living wage, American businesses would be gaining a new market of about 50 million people. More cars, appliances, and really everything else will be made. That means more jobs. And in addition, a whole lot less crime will be committed (although the rich certainly commits a ton of it). Less crime means less tax dollars needed for prisons, police and courts, while more children will have their parents’ home to raise, protect and support them. More people will be staying in school and eating a better diet. Less homelessness and addiction will occur. Those are just starters, and we all benefit by having a healthier, safer and a more prosperous country. And there will be a whole lot less suffering and stress for many of our fellow human beings, many who suffer just because they were born on the other side of the tracks. Is that not a better world for our children and grandchildren? And not a single millionaire or billionaire will become poor.

3. Universal Health Care: There are several ways that we can get everyone health insurance. I am not advocating for any one plan. Let us do the research and try to figure out what should work the best. We are the only industrial country (out of the top 23) without universal health care, and we still pay more than any of them, and often by twice as much. Healthy people live longer, they suffer less and have less pain, they miss less work, and about a half million of them will not have to file for bankruptcy every year. Again, while our main objective should be to help our neighbors, Universal Health Insurance would make our country stronger and more prosperous. In the long run, billions of dollars will be saved by preventing certain diseases before they become long term problems. And an added benefit is knowing that no insurance company will ever tell one of your children or grandchildren that they are not covered. The only downside is for the insurance companies and big pharma who may have to charge us the same amount they charge Canadians and Europeans.

4. Abortions: A big misunderstanding is the belief that to be pro-choice is to love abortions and that we kill babies. While this is more complicated than either side often presents, the fact is, it has been the Democrats that fight for child day care, child health care, school breakfasts and lunches for children, better schools for children, regulations to prevent children from getting sick or injured, etc. So, it is simply wrong for us to be accused of not liking children. It is the other side that opposes many of those very things in the name of keeping taxes low for their rich corporate donors. Sorry, but that just does not sound like being pro-life to me. It has been proven repeatedly that contraceptives prevent many abortions as does having a living wage that would enable the child to be raised in a safe and stable family. Biden's programs are pro-family, pro-children, all of which we can agree with. No law, not even a constitutional amendment will ever stop abortions, but together, we can sure prevent a lot of them.

5. Trump: The charts below, show conclusively how Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 virus has and will cost tens of thousands of lives and millions of jobs. Thousands of children are now without a father or mother, all because Trump did not want to do anything that would affect the stock market…the only thing he knew he had going for himself in the hopes of being re-elected. Despite what the doctors and health experts were telling him had to be done, he did just about the opposite. He recklessly risked thousands of lives just hoping the virus would go away so that the economy did not have to shut down. Instead of me telling you about all the lies, immorality, racists statements, the illegal acts and obstructions of justice, not to mention the incredible dealings with Russia, please, please, please, go to You-Tube and watch the one minute videos produced by former high powered Republicans called “The Lincoln Project”. Here is your link. It is one thing for a bleeding heart liberal like myself to rant and rave, but when his own party…faithful and lifelong Republicans which now include about a dozen all-Republican groups whose only goal is to prevent his re-election…I think you have a duty as an American citizen to at least inquire why. Then go vote.

Chart by Nippon
Chart by John Hopkins University

I want to keep these discussions simple. I may want to discuss such things as the Green New Deal and how it would create millions of high paying jobs or how immigrants are so important to the success of our country, and yes, they pay billions of dollars in taxes, with little benefit to show for it. But if someone does not at least have a pause regarding the above issues, there is probably nothing else we can do, except to go talk with someone else. I will have my points written out when I meet, as this is too important to trust a memory like mine. Our children, grandchildren and in fact, human beings world wide need us to flip some votes, as their future may very well depend on it.




Formerly an evangelical who read the Bible from cover to cover a dozen times and finally was able to shake my childhood indoctrination of hell fire & brimstone.

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Tim Zeak

Tim Zeak

Formerly an evangelical who read the Bible from cover to cover a dozen times and finally was able to shake my childhood indoctrination of hell fire & brimstone.

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